Cocoa Bean Foaming Body Scrub


An invigorating  natural body scrub that effectively buffs away dead skin to leave the skin smooth, energized and nourished. Made with pure cane sugar that exfoliates and avocado butter to help moisturize and nourish your skin leaving you with the ultimate GLOW

Blending with tangy blood orange, spicy cinnamon bark, nutty cocoa bean, and sweet ginger snap to create this Cocoa Nib Blood Orange Scent. 

The last thing you do in the shower simply start rubbing the bar against your freshly cleaned skin and it will start working.

Hop out of the shower (or bath), towel dry, and you’re done! You’ll love how moisturized your skin is with no greasy feel!

Avocado Butter 

Almond Oil 

Organic Cane Sugar 

Cocoa Nib & Blood Orange Oil Blend 

Spirulina Powder 

Green Zeolite Clay

White Bursting Beads 

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